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visit to the toothsome chocolate emporium

& savoury feast kitchen

…where the vivacious and glamorous hostess Professor Doctor Penelope Tibeaux-Tinker Toothsome and her Steampunk sidekick robot Jacques, having heard about SS&M and knowing we were in the area, invited us along. 


With Professor Penelope and Steampunk robot Jacques. I’m used to people pointing and laughing…

Situated on City Walk at Universal Studios, Orlando, the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen (sic) has one of the longest possible names for an eaterie, but is a nifty description of what to expect.

Factory exterior 2.jpg
Factory exterior 1.jpg

You can’t miss the clanking cogs and soaring chimneys which dominate the exterior of the Emporium.

The Emporium offers what it calls “an array of gourmet-level chocolates and desserts

– all in a highly themed, unique environment”.

Milk shakes.jpg

But if an orgy of sweet-stuff is not for you, the full-service restaurant lists a good range salads and vegetarian dishes, as well high-end starters and entrees.

Commercial, obviously, but I thought the Emporium was faithful to, and respectful of, the Steampunk genre.  The staff fully embrace the concept with enthusiasm…

Qasim and Colin.jpg

With my good friend Qasim!

… the design is stunning, the furnishings authentic – and if the venue inspires greater interest in Steampunk, then so much the better.

Interior 2.jpg
Interior 1.jpg

The attention to detail is impressive, the shelves are stacked with purpose-built gadgets and gizmos and the venue offers the only Steampunk giftshop in mid-Florida. And now, Steam, Smoke & Mirrors is there too.

Chocolate and Steampunk – what’s not to love?

With Penelope and Jacques.jpg
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