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Colin sold his first jokes aged 16. In a career spanning 40 years he worked on more than 1000 TV shows, credited as a Writer, Programme Associate, Associate Producer or Series Producer,  working with among others Roland Rat, Sir Roger Moore & Sir Michael Caine, Paul Daniels, Jimmy Tarbuck, Chris Tarrant, Des O’Connor, Melanie Sykes, Gloria Hunniford, Ulrika Jonsson, Sir Terry Wogan, Joe Pasquale, Ken Bruce and Bob Monkhouse.  His first novel was published in 2015, by Caffeine Nights. Colin was born in Paddington, in the shadow of Brunel’s iconic railway station. He now lives in Cambridgeshire where he frequently tests the patience of his heroic wife Kathryn and children Lucy and Mark.


  • He has a brown belt in Shotokan Karate, training under Sensei W. S. ‘Jimmy’ Liang and practices Yin Yoga under instructor Kim Krokosz.

  • Steam, Smoke & Mirrors associate, proof-reader and website executive Angela Ryder is now convinced he is dyslexic as well as innumerate. 

  • He appeared in sketches in various DVDs starring the comedian ‘Jethro’.        The Director said it was the worst acting he had ever seen.

  • He inherited Bob Monkhouse's joke books.

  • He drew the strip cartoon ‘Superyob’ in the punk rock newspaper ‘Street Sounds’.

  • His influences include tv series ‘The Wild, Wild West’, ‘The Avengers’, ‘The Prisoner' and ‘Thunderbirds’, along with Harper Goff, Walt Disney, K.W. Jeter, Robert Rankin, Enid Blyton, Bob Marley, Mark Ronson, Steve Pemberton & Reece Shearsmith, Paul Whitehouse, Elizabeth Hurley, Margaret Rutherford, Miley Cyrus, Charlie Watts of ‘The Rolling Stones’ and Guillermo del Toro.

  • He has been mistaken for Sir Patrick Stewart but, despite his best efforts, has never yet been taken for Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

  • His hobbies include grave hunting, making Steampunk props (not very well), fantasy, sci-fi and horror movies, collecting TV and film-related figures and model cars.

  • His first published mystery/adventure books were:

  • The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries Annual 1979,                                          written with David Angus. Artwork by Vicente Torregrosa.                                  Edited by John Barraclough and published by Grandreams.

  • The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries Annual 1980,                                         written with David Angus*. Artwork by David Lloyd.                                             Edited by John Barraclough and published by Grandreams.

  • *Some internet sites erroneously credit the late Steve Moore as the author. A closer look at the stories clearly indicates the great comic book legend Mr Moore would have made a much better job of them.

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