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After 50 years writing comedy for most of the UK’s highest profile comics and performers, Colin takes a behind the scenes look at his career, inspirations and the road to Steampunkery in a weekly series of podcasts.

Episode #88

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Episode #87

From Noel's House Party to narrating international award-winning books - meet actor Karl Jenkinson

In this often laugh-out-loud edition of Behind the Scenes we’re chatting with actor Karl Jenkinson. In a 40-year career, he was regularly involved in the funniest Noel’s House Party ‘Gotcha’ set-ups while also appearing in top British TV series Eastenders, The Bill and Inspector Morse. These days Karl’s also become a top voice artist and a much in-demand international multi-award-winning book narrator for novels and best-selling true crime biographies.

Episode #86

Meet the Indiana Jones of lost TV - Archive Producer Robert Heading

If you’re a fan of classic and vintage television, you’ll probably think Robert Heading has enjoyed the best of jobs, because he’s one of Britain’s foremost TV documentary Archive Producers. Which means for the past 25 years he’s been paid to put his feet up and watch thousands of hours of old telly shows. And for the most part he’s specialised in comedy and light entertainment. A regular behind the scenes name on the credit roller of Channel 5’s “When stuff Goes Horribly Wrong” series, along with retrospective specials celebrating Peter Kay, Tommy Cooper, Victoria Wood, Ricky Tomlinson and Bob Hope.

Episode #85

The non-stop career of conductor and musical director Mike Dixon

BBC radio, Eurovision & D-Day. Mike returns to chat about his time on Eurovision, Friday Night is Music Night at the BBC and preparing for his latest live WW2 Special Commemorative Event, marking the 80th anniversary of D-Day. And there’s more than a mention of his top selling autobiography “Turn Around And Take A Bow – My Musical Life”.

Episode #84

Tony Hancock centenary special, with his great-niece Lucy

In Birmingham, on the 12th of May 1924, the performer who was to become one of Britain’s finest comic actors Tony Hancock was born. Across the 1950s and early 1960s, with his phenomenally successful, award-winning radio and television series, Tony was the most famous voice and then face in broadcast entertainment. The streets would empty when Hancock was on the air. To mark the centenary of Tony Hancock’s birth, our BTSWCE guest this time is the closest living relative to “The Lad Himself”. She is the keeper and curator of the Hancock Archive and guardian of Tony’s legacy. An official descendant of British Comedy Royalty - Lucy Hancock.

Episode #83

From blitz to glitz - new autobiography of Jess Conrad OBE

With friend and co-writer, TV’s Simon Withington. This time on BTSWCE we’re chatting with TV Executive Producer and King of Saturday Nights on Channel 5, Simon Withington, about his role in putting together the newly published autobiography of his best friend, actor, singer and showbiz personality - Jess Conrad OBE. The book is called “From Blitz to Glitz” and Simon talks about the collaborative writing process, his diligent research and gives us a tantalising flavour of the colourful anecdotes and vivid memories that Jess recalls from his astonishing, non-stop 70-year career in the spotlight. Diana Dors, The Krays, Cilla Black and Roger Moore are just a few of the famous faces who have featured in the life of Jess Conrad. We find out how a Teddy Boy from South London became a ‘60s pop singer, actor and the first person ever to play the lead role in Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. “From Blitz to Glitz” is published by Oak Tree Books.

Episode #82

Steve Wright MBE 1954-2024  - a special tribute from close friend Mark Wells

This week we lost one of the most famous and best-loved personalities in the history of British broadcasting – Steve Wright. For almost half a century on BBC Radio Steve lifted the nation’s spirits with his energetic, anarchic style, breathless enthusiasm, relentless creativity and instantly recognisable voice. In this often emotional but frequently laughter-filled Special Behind The Scenes Salute, Steve’s close friend Mark Wells shares his memories, along with some amazing, exclusive revelations in this heart-warming Tribute to the Great Man - Steve Wright MBE.

Episode #81

The explosive, star-studded career of special effects genius Andy McVean

In a 35-year career he’s created special effects for glamorous Formula 1 car launches, top dramas such as ‘Dr Who’ and ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe’ and every major ratings-winning comedy and entertainment series. If anything’s squashed, set alight, or exploded on our screens, it's usually Andy’s skilful handiwork. A Royal Television Society Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Andy talks about his new venture as a sculptor, based in rural Hampshire along and shares his memories of working with the biggest stars on British TV including Spike Milligan, Paul Daniels and Jeremy Clarkson. Oh, and there’s also the matter of exotic ping pong balls on Millennium Eve…

Episode #80

Exclusive Bob Monkhouse Anniversary Special: Abigail Monkhouse talks about her Dad

Hard to believe, but it’s been 20 years to the day since we lost the British comedian, writer, actor, game show host and all-round polymath Bob Monkhouse. In this Special Edition of Behind the Scenes we’re marking the anniversary by chatting with Bob’s daughter, Abigail Monkhouse. What was it like growing up with a father who was one of the most recognisable faces in the country – and with family friends who were the biggest stars in film and TV? Abigail exclusively shares her fondest personal recollections of Bob and her mission to sustain the memory of her remarkable Dad in the best possible way.

Episode #79

More memories of BBC Camera Operator - Nigel Saunders, Part 2

The Queen’s funeral, the King’s coronation and more. Camera operator/Camera Supervisor Nigel Saunders takes us Behind the Scenes once again with more memories of his non-stop 45-year career in British television. The perils and pitfalls of working on live shows, top rated Light Entertainment and covering the biggest Royal events of the last decade – plus the finest directors, performers and warm-up artists in the industry.

Episode #78

TV Camera Supervisor Nigel Saunders' 45-year career

From Oscar Peterson to Gordon the Gopher – TV Camera Supervisor Nigel Saunders’ 45-year career. This time on Behind the Scenes Nigel Saunders chats about his life as a camera operator and Camera Supervisor, beginning at the BBC and working with most of the great names of television including the much-missed Roger Fenna, Stuart MacDonald and Yvonne Littlewood. Royal events, children’s TV and light entertainment, including live Millennium show mishaps, Noel’s House Party mayhem, plus playing the piano for Barry Manilow, Nigel’s glorious and vivid recollections make for a joyous listen. (I do say ‘wow’ rather a lot…)

Episode #77

Vision Mixer Carol Abbot's TV life - Part 2

Michael Palin, Roy Castle and Sir Ralph Richardson. As promised, here’s Part 2 of top British TV Vision Mixer Carol Abbott’s Behind the Scenes Podcast in which she chats about bringing up family while holding down a high-pressure, full-time, irregular-hours job at the sharp end of TV. Carol shares her memories of rushing to the Old Vic to work with Sir Ralph Richardson while she was still dressed as a bridesmaid, her involvement in the 1974 multi award-winning Horizon drama-documentary ‘Joey’ and how, while filming ‘Ripping Yarns’, almost sharing a bathroom with Michael Palin. She also fondly recalls ‘Record Breakers’ with Roy Castle and Cheryl Baker along with last-minute calls to Vision Mix ‘The Pride of Britain Awards’ and the opening of the 2012 London Paralympic Games. Add to that Carol’s memories of working at BBC Television Centre during its Golden Age and with the legendary Producer-Director Yvonne Littlewood, this catch-up is a listening must.

Episode #76

TV memories of Anna Staniland

From The Young Ones & Red Dwarf to Come Dancing and Top of the Pops. Taking us Behind the Scenes this time: one of the most admired, versatile and experienced British television Production Assistants/Script Supervisors to have ever graced a studio control room or gallery - Anna Staniland. Anna shares her memories of an astonishing 40-year career at the BBC and in the freelance world, including live broadcasts, music specials and entertainment series. She’s worked with legendary producers Paul Jackson, Ed Bye and Geoff Posner, and her broad range of experience includes everything from Come Dancing to President Reagan’s state visit. With recollections of Denis Norden, Sir Terry Wogan - and what it’s like to train at the BBC and work within those hallowed portals of Television Centre - Anna’s stories of this historic Golden Era make for a listen-must.

Episode #75

Top TV vision mixer Carol Abbott

Only Fools & Horses, Noel’s House Party, Top Gear, Q.I. and much more. This time we’re going Behind the Scenes with one of the most experienced and accomplished Vision Mixers working in television – Carol Abbott. Carol’s name has rolled up on our screens at the end of most of the major TV light entertainment shows of the past 40 years. Quizzes, chat shows, situation comedies, music, variety galas, not forgetting live Royal and national occasions, there’s nothing to which this supremely talented professional cannot turn her hand – or fingers. The funeral of Princess Diana, Tops of the Pops, The League of Gentlemen are just a part of Carol’s amazing career.

Episode #74

The magnificently versatile Claire Winyard

From directing Going Live and The Big Breakfast to Death in Paradise and Vera - in this episode of Behind the Scenes we meet one of the busiest Directors working in British television - Claire Winyard. Just off the back of wrapping her latest episode of the hit detective series ‘Vera’, Claire talks about what it’s like at the helm of one of ITV’s most popular shows, beginning her career at the BBC, directing all manner of multi-camera studio entertainment such as ‘Top of the Pops’, ‘The National Lottery Live’, and ‘Today with Des and Mel’ alongside myriad location dramas including ‘Eastenders’, ‘London’s Burning’, ‘Casualty’, ‘Our Girl’, ‘Call the Midwife’ and ‘Death in Paradise’. Didn’t I say she was versatile!? Claire’s career story is an incredible listening must.

TV king of Saturday nights Paul Daniels, Strictly Come Dancing royalty & the queen’s jubilee – the magical world of Debbie McGee. This time on Behind the Scenes, TV presenter, performer and personality, also the Honorary Vice Present of the Magic Circle, Debbie McGee, reflects on an action-packed show business career, including her life and times with the country’s most famous stage and television magician Paul Daniels, along with what it takes to reach the Grand Final of Strictly Come Dancing and to be selected as an official National Treasure for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee parade.

Episode #72

The Thoughts of Broadcaster John Foster

Showbiz, comedy, life after the BBC. In this episode of Behind the Scenes we’re chatting once again with John Foster - radio broadcaster, disc jockey and voice artist who is one of the most experienced in the industry. In a non-stop 30-year career in local and national radio, including BBC Radio 5 Live, he’s interviewed almost every major international actor and entertainer from either side of the Atlantic - a joy for someone with such a passion for comedy coupled with an unrivalled knowledge of showbiz history.

Episode #71

Andy Walmsley's Career at the Top

American Idol, Who Wants to be a Millionaire? – Mega TV designer Andrew Walmsley. This time on Behind the Scenes we’re back to United States to chat with Andy Walmsley, the busiest and most successful designer in the history of theatre and television. He’s designed more Las Vegas spectaculars than anyone else and was the youngest scenic designer ever to work in the West End, on Broadway and in television. His name, along with his company A1 Sets, has been seen on TV credits the world-over winning design awards for comedy, variety, music and chat shows, not forgetting the biggest blockbusters on television, “Who Wants To be A Millionaire”, “American Idol” and “America’s Got Talent”. Not bad for a lad from Blackpool.

Episode #70

Multi BAFTA Winning Kay Benbow

The challenges and triumphs of a BBC TV channel controller. This time on Behind the Scenes we are in the company of a former BBC Television Channel Controller. Between 2010 and 2017 Kay Benbow was the top flight commissioning exec at the heart and helm of the pre-school children’s network CBeebies. In those seven years she navigated the channel through dramatic shake-ups within the BBC, changes in viewer habits and into the new highly competitive, digital age, resulting CBeebies winning 5 BAFTA Awards for Channel of the Year. Kay chats about setting up the CBeebies Arts portfolio which introduced the under 6 age group to the joys of ballet, classical music and Shakespeare, along with recommissioning The Clangers; of hiring Michael Palin and Tom Hardy, her friendship with the great Bernard Cribbins and how she coped with the pressure of programme making decisions which could influence the lives of an entire generation. Oh, and let’s not forget her passion for football, and in particular - Arsenal.

Episode #69

International TV Mega Producer Jeff Thacker

Feature length L.A. special. In this gala edition of Behind the Scenes we chat with one of the most successful ever television entertainment Producers, on both sides of the Atlantic. In the U.K., as ITV’s Head of Music Programming, he oversaw international television spectaculars starring most of the biggest global star names including Sir Elton John, Luciano Pavarotti and Cher, while Executive Producing highly rated music special editions of An Audience With… as well as many a Royal Variety Performance. Since moving to the U.S. 20 years ago, he’s become one of the busiest Executive Producers on network television’s blockbuster shows such as “So You Think You Can Dance”, “American Idol” and, most recently, the breakout hit “Come Dance With Me”. Sharing fond memories of his early days as a dancer-turned-choreographer working on Bruce Forsyth’s Generation Game, Wogan, Noel’s House Party, and the opportunity he was given by great Dougie Squires, Jeff’s incredible career story, in his own words, is a listening must!

Episode #68

Back by Popular Demand - TV Legend Keith Lascelles

Keith Lascelles returns to captivate us with further fascinating Behind the Scenes revelations, stories and recollections from his 40-year career as one of the most experienced and best-loved Floor Managers and Production Managers in British Television. Royal Variety Performances, Diana Ross, Liberace and more memories of Keith’s life and times in the personal company of TV icon and pioneer Noele Gordon.

Episode #67

Paul O'Grady MBE 1955-2023

A special tribute. In this 2-hour Special Edition, former ITV Controller of Entertainment Mark Wells, along with actress, comedy writer and performer Jayne Tunnicliffe share their personal Behind the Scenes memories of one of Britain’s greatest entertainers and biggest personalities – a true Man of the People and comic genius - Paul O’Grady. Mark, the Executive Producer who oversaw Paul’s golden entertainment years at ITV and Jayne, a close friend from those early days of Lily Savage who worked extensively with the great man, recall their remarkable times on stage and screen with the nation’s best-loved and now, sadly, much missed headliners.

Episode #66

The Incredible Career of Exec Producer Peter Gwyn

From TV glamour & glitz to Britain’s brainiest quiz. This time on Behind the Scenes our guest is one of British television’s most experienced Executive Producers who, for the last 3 decades, has overseen the nation’s best-loved and longest-running intellectual quiz programme University Challenge along with, more recently, Channel 4’s perennially popular word challenge hit, Countdown. Peter began his career on glitzy light entertainment at the BBC and Granada starring Cilla Black, Lily Savage and Bob Monkhouse. Along the way he was also involved in putting together Coronation Street Anniversary Specials and that spectacular singing talent series Stars In Their Eyes. Peter’s fascinating, laid back and dryly hilarious memories are a listening must.

Episode #65

Paul Wheeler - A Career Filled With Laughter and Music

For decades, stand-up comedy director Paul Wheeler’s been at the helm of the U.K.’s sharpest, long-running comedy shows “Live at the Apollo” and “Have I Got News For You?”. And if you look at the credits at the end of giant specials with Lee Mack, Dara O’Briain, Jason Manford, John Bishop, Frank Skinner and Russell Brand – you’ll see this gentleman has worked with every major comic of the past 30 years. Prepare to be surprised and uplifted when you listen to the versatile, spiritual Paul Wheeler.

Episode #64

The TV Life of Keith Lascelles

Sir Elton John, Rudolph Nureyev, Shirley MacLaine & his own on-screen portrayal in ITVX's drama "Nolly" . This time we go Behind the Scenes with a television Floor Manager turned Production Manager Keith Lascelles, who shares his recollections of a 40-year non-stop career at ATV, BBC and LWT working on innumerable Royal Variety Performances along with An Audience With…, Tiswas, Bullseye, Spitting Image and The Golden Shot. He also tells how his close friendship with soap superstar and national favourite Noele Gordon was so much more than we see in the new 3-part series ITVX drama “Nolly”.

Episode #63

British entertainment superstar Des O'Connor CBE

Fond memories shared by his great friend and personal assistant Nick Fox. In mid-November of 2020 we lost one of the best-loved, most versatile and talented entertainers the U.K. has ever produced – Des O’Connor. Des was one of the biggest names in British show business. With his variety and quiz series and ratings-topping chat shows, he was a permanent face on British television screens for more than 50 years. As a solo artiste, Des gave more than a thousand performances at The London Palladium. As a singer, he released 36 albums and scored 2 number-one hits. His final long-running hit entertainment series “Today with Des & Mel” redefined lunchtime TV. He even hosted the great British television quiz show “Countdown”. During that time, the one man who knew Des best was his great friend and personal assistant Nick Fox. Now, for the first time and to mark the second anniversary of Des’s passing, in this specially extended Celebration Edition of Behind the Scenes, Nick shares with us his happy memories of travelling the world and working closely in theatres and TV studios with a true all-round master of entertainment and one of the greatest names in British show business – Des O’Connor CBE!

Episode #62

The remarkable career of singer Gilly Hamilton

Memories of Max Bygraves, Larry Grayson and Bernard Manning. This time we go Behind the Scenes with the fearless, highly talented singer Gilly Hamilton, whose career spanned 3 decades and encompassed the halcyon days of show business and variety. As a key member of the pop-music close-harmony trio The Kaye Sisters she appeared alongside most of the major entertainment stars of the 1970s through to the 1990s. Supporting Max Bygraves, the Kayes appeared in the 1978 Royal Variety, shared a long-running residency in London’s West End and performed regularly on many of Max’s top-rated television series. With recollections of ATV’s live ‘Saturday Variety’ with Larry Grayson, not forgetting Bernard Manning on Granada’s ‘The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club’, plus the travails of working cabaret all across Britain and the Middle East, Gilly’s career is a remarkable eye-witness account of what it was really like to be treading the boards during the Golden Age of entertainment.

Episode #61

The unstoppable career of international sports executive Charles Balchin

BBC, IMG, and everything from football to formula 1. Taking us Behind the Scenes this time is one of the most experienced, versatile and senior international sports executives in television. For the past 13 years he has held various senior roles at IMG Productions, the globe’s leading sports and events company, and he now is their advisor on special projects. Beginning his career at the BBC, he rose to the role of Senior Producer on Grandstand, Sportsnight and Match of the Day, while also covering every major sporting occasion including Grand Nationals, football, athletics and rugby World Cups, along with Commonwealth and Olympic Games. Even if you have but a passing interest in sport you’ll still find this gentleman’s remarkable career story is as fascinating as it is phenomenal.

Episode #60

The amazing TV career of Script Supervisor Annie McDougall

Almost everything from Strictly Come Dancing to the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral. This time on Behind the Scenes we meet one of the most experienced and versatile Script Supervisors in British television, the legendary Annie McDougall. In a non-stop career at the top that has spanned more than 40 years, she has worked on quiz, entertainment, variety, game and air shows, not to mention TVam. But I just have. Nowadays, Annie’s the go-to Script Supervisor for any major live show, Royal event or State occasion. She’s just finished working on the Commonwealth Games and right now she’s gearing up for her 12 series of the biggest, most glamorous show on British television - Strictly Come Dancing.

Episode #59

The 40-year career of TV Vision Mixer Kathryn Randall

From Live Aid to Noel’s House Party & The Generation Game to Mock the Week. Our guest this time is Kathryn Randall (latterly Edmonds) who, for the past 40 years, was one of television’s busiest Vision Mixers, specialising in the U.K.’s most popular music and light entertainment shows. At the BBC she was trained to cover all manner of genres: sport, news programmes, drama, sitcoms and children’s output along with national occasions and world-wide events including the funeral of Princess Diana. For the past 10 years she has also been training the next generation of Vision Mixers at the internationally renowned NFTS The National Film and Television School. And that wasn’t enough, before moving to TV, she was also the youngest female producer in BBC Radio Entertainment, rubbing shoulders with Douglas Adams, Griff Rhys Jones, Jimmy Mulville and Alan Nixon.

Episode #58

Maestro Mike Dixon

Leslie Bricusse, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Brian May – just a few of the music legends associated with maestro Mike Dixon. Our Behind the Scenes guest this time is a composer, pianist and music director who has enjoyed a 40 year award winning career working with the most famous performers and conducting some of the biggest orchestras in the world. Mike Dixon has helped launch many of the great modern productions in the West End and on Broadway. He is the go-to-guy for Dame Shirley Bassey, Lionel Richie, Sir Tom Jones, in fact it’s probably quicker to list those who don't have him on speed dial. He’s also worked with a raft of high-profile comic names including Bradley Walsh, Dirk Maggs, Joe Pasquale, Ben Elton and Paul O’Grady. On TV he regularly appears in front of a global audience of billions and he’s just written his eagerly awaited autobiography, a fascinating look behind the scenes of the music industry, published on 28 June 2022, “Turn Around and Take a Bow!”.

Episode #57

The radio career of Garry Richardson

Presidents Bill Clinton and Nelson Mandela, along with every sports hero in the last 50 years. This time we go Behind the Scenes with one of the great voices of BBC radio - an award-winning sports journalist, who The Spectator magazine described as ‘one of the best broadcasters in the country - The Poet Laureate of Sport’. Garry’s remarkable career has spanned half a century, making him the longest serving member on Radio 4’s flagship “Today Programme”. In that time he’s reported on 5 Olympics, interviewed all the famous of international sport, including George Best, Denis Law, Tommy Docherty and Muhammad Ali. A great aficionado of comedy, Garry never misses the chance to slip in a quick quip or pass a welcome witty comment – little wonder he’s also a much in demand after dinner speaker who also produced and presented an acclaimed documentary celebrating Sir Ken Dodd.

Episode #56

The spectacular career of TV Executive Adeel Amini

From Jeremy Clarkson and Stephen Mulhern to Warwick Davis and Rupaul. This time we go Behind the Scenes with Adeel Amini who, back in 2015, was named as one of Broadcast magazine’s Under-30 Hotshots. Now, 7 years on, he’s a Senior Studio Entertainment Producer who’s overseen all manner of highly popular ratings winners including the revamped series of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”, “Catchphrase”, “Celebrity Squares”, “Blind Date” and more recently the hit quiz “Lingo”. He’s also worked on sharp, live comedy series including “The Last Leg” and “The Nightly Show”. Out of the studio he is the founder of the TV-industry working group ‘Coalition For Change’, he also sits on the board of BAFTA and 4 years ago set up what is now known as ‘The TV Mindset’, a mental health support group for freelancers in the television industry.

Episode #55

The star-studded, multi-skilled career of TV Producer Grant Philpott

From Chris Evans via Harry Hill and Sir Bruce Forsyth to Paul Sinha. Grant Philpott is a British television comedy and light entertainment producer whose very first job was writing Q-cards for Bob Monkhouse on “The Big Breakfast”. 25 years later his career came full circle when he was one of the Edit Producers on “Bob Monkhouse: The Million Joke Man”, the UKtv documentary series which celebrated Bob’s life and career. He’s interviewed Sir Bruce Forsyth and Terry Gilliam, worked on series such as “Tarrant on TV”, “TV Nightmares” and “Harry Hill’s TV Burp”, and produced shows starring Seann Walsh, David Walliams and Griff Rhys Jones. More recently he was the Series Producer on the Saturday ITV ratings winner “Paul Sinha’s TV Showdown”. And he’s also an international, highly regarded independent movie maker, film animator, designer and artist whose canvases have been showcased in London.

Episode #54

The TV life of top executive Simon Lupton

From comedy’s Paul Whitehouse, Kelsey Grammer & Red Dwarf to Queen’s Brian May. This time we chat with the magnificent Simon Lupton, one of the most experienced comedy producers currently working in television. In an award-winning 25-year career Simon’s headed up series starring Paul Whitehouse & Harry Enfield, Matt Horne and James Corden, along with British sitcoms ‘My Family’ and ‘Red Dwarf’. Plus he’s worked with Hollywood legends Rutger Hauer and Kelsey Grammer; commissioned the 3-part UKtv documentary series Bob Monkhouse: the Million Joke Man – and for any international television production concerning the rock group Queen, Simon Lupton is the band’s go-to guy.

Episode #53

The career of TV warm-up star & comedian Ray Turner

From Chris Tarrant via Ainsley Harriot and Noel Edmonds to Michael Parkinson. This time on Behind the Scenes we power on through a few technical difficulties to chat with Ray Turner, a comic who has been entertaining audiences for thirty-five years. He cut his comedy teeth working clubs and theatres before establishing himself as one of the principal and most versatile studio warm up artists working in light entertainment television; ranked alongside legends Bill Martin, Jeff Stephenson, Ted Robbins and the great Bobby Bragg. For years he was an integral member of the teams that made landmark series such as “Noel’s House Party”, “Today with Des and Mel” and the entire run of “Who Wants To be A Millionaire’.

Episode #52

Former BBC Radio 2 Travel Reporter Lynn Bowles on working with the Greats

Terry Wogan, Ken Bruce, Chris Evans and Dolly Parton. BBC Radio 2 listener favourite and former travel news reporter Lynn Bowles recalls her 18 laughter-filled years working on the radio ratings blockbuster Breakfast Show with the much-missed great man himself Sir Terry Wogan, then with that iconic whirlwind of the wireless Chris Evans. Not forgetting, how could we, her joyous banter with the reigning King of the Airwaves – the magnificent Mr Ken Bruce. Since leaving R2, Lynn continues to host her own Sunday 3pm-5pm music and chat show on BBC Radio Wales, regularly attracting star name guests and record audiences. Lynn tells how she broke into radio, shares her fond memories of Sir Tel’s kindness and serene eloquence both on and off air, and what it was like to be part of that legendary Wake Up To Wogan Breakfast Show team.

Episode #51

The incredible career of ad guru turned top British TV sitcom writer, Paul Mendelson

From Nicholas Roeg to Martin Clunes. How does a lawyer turned top advertising executive become one of the most successful television writers on TV, creating award nominated comedy series and dramas? This week’s Behind the Scenes guest has done just that. In addition to creating the long-running BBC tv series “May to December” and “My Hero”, plus the American animated comedy “Neighbours From Hell”, he also penned the critically acclaimed “Losing It”. Now he’s a best-selling comic novelist with Hollywood producers knocking at his door. Meet the unstoppable Paul Mendelson.

Episode #50

National Treasure of British television light entertainment, Royston Mayoh - Part 2

John Wayne, Pavarotti and Muhammed Ali – just some of the legends directed by Royston Mayoh. It’s part 2 of our Behind the Scenes chat with the true National Treasure of British television light entertainment, Royston Mayoh! His pioneering non-stop career has spanned six decades heading up the most popular high-profile L.E shows on our screens. Not forgetting his new career in front of the cameras starring in the hit ITV ratings winner “Off Their Rockers”. Roy’s remarkable life story and his memories as a Producer/Director are nothing less than a first hand, eye witness account of the history of British television.

Episode #49

The incredible career of Royston Mayoh

Tommy Cooper, Kenny Everett, Hughie Green, Michael Barrymore & so many more. In the first of a 2-part chat we go Behind the Scenes with the most experienced and pioneering professionals still working in British television. This gentleman started in TV in 1957 sweeping the studio floor. In a 60- year career he went on to become a multi-camera director and producer of comedy and quiz shows, magic specials, lifestyle and awards programs, and TV commercials. And now he’s a professional actor! Meet the Godfather of British Light Entertainment television – Royston Mayoh.

Episode #48

Barry Cryer OBE 1935-2022

This week we go Behind the Scenes with scriptwriter Brian Leveson, author-broadcaster Louis Barfe and comedy Consultant Alan Nixon, who reflect on the incredible career of Barry Cryer and share their fond, personal memories of the great man who recently died, leaving an unparalleled legacy of entertainment as a performer, writer and raconteur, and a vast unfillable void in British showbusiness. Let’s raise a collective glass and say “Thank you for the laughter, Barry!”

Episode #47

International TV Exec Producer/Director Jonathan Glazier

Rod Stewart, Elton John & Tom Jones – some of the superstars who’ve worked with international TV Exec Producer/Director Jonathan Glazier. This time we go Behind the Scenes with Producer, Director, Former BBC Departmental Head, Format Creator, Consultant and international TV Executive Jonathan Glazier. From his first television job in the Sound Department at ATV Elstree to more recently overseeing multi-million dollar productions in the Middle East, Asia and New Zealand, Jonathan recalls his unstoppably versatile 40-year career. To mention Stars In Their Eyes and You’ve Been Framed at Granada, via Gladiators and An Audience with… at LWT, plus the BBC’s The Generation Game, The Weakest Link and The Chair with John McEnroe, is to merely scratch the surface of the list of ratings winners he’s brought to our screens.

Episode #46

The scriptwriting success story of Alan Wightman

Freddie Starr, Des O’Connor Tonight, John Sullivan & horror films. This time we go Behind the Scenes with incredibly prolific and hugely versatile scriptwriter Alan Wightman, who chats about his long and non-stop career in movies and light entertainment. Alan shares memories of his friend John Sullivan (Only Fools & Horses), his time penning gags for top turns Jimmy Tarbuck, Jeff Stevenson and Des O'Connor, plus landing the job of producing the highest rating LE show on BBC Television Wales. Then there's the matter of ghost-writing Freddie Starr's autobiography! Alan also gives an eyewitness account of standing in the wings of Her Majesty's Theatre on the night Tommy Cooper died on live TV.

Episode #45

Another Rock 'n' Rollercoaster ride with Garry Bushell

Ritchie Blackmore, Bad Manners, Judge Dread. In the third of our trilogy of scandalous glimpses Behind the Scenes of the music industry and Fleet Street with author, TV critic, punk band front man and show business journalist Garry Bushell. On the music front, Garry shares wild stories of guitar legend Ritchie Blackmore, Judge Dread and Bad Manners. He also talks about landing in trouble by TV Exec Nigel Lythgoe and surviving a close call with Lenny McLean and Roy Shaw. Oh. And how do you get banned from every Butlins holiday camp for life? I'll let Garry explain...

Episode #44

The globe-trotting TV life of Sean Kneale

Des O’Connor, Ant & Dec, Tony Robinson and Denis Norden. This time Behind the Scenes goers international, chatting with top TV executive Sean Kneale in Sydney, Australia. Former LWT Producer Sean reflects on his years working in the UK with most of Britain's high-profile performers before travelling the world to oversee the production of the biggest television franchises on the planet. The Masked Singer. The X Factor. And Mongolia's Got Talent? You bet it has!

Episode #43

The incredible career of of TV Exec Adrian Pegg

Only Fools & Horses, Gladiators, Michael McIntyre and The Goes Wrong Show. Production manager of most of the top Entertainment ratings-winners over the last 40 years, Adrian Pegg looks back on his role on the early series of BBC sitcom mega hit Only Fools & Horses and how he helped set up ITV's hugely successful arena spectacular, Gladiators. Adrian also talks about Noel's House Party, working with Michael McIntyre and his recent move to Producing the award-winning comedy The Goes Wrong Show. Not forgetting his selfless work encouraging and advising young people starting their careers in television.

Episode #42

Starting 2022 in style with TV clip show king - TV Executive Simon Withington

Award-winning Showbiz Simon chats about his glamorous 30-year career starting as a TV Production Graduate in Manchester and his appearances on screen, to heading up an entire channel, earning Producer credits on the last 2 royal weddings and as the driving force casting and compiling some of the popular clip shows on British television. Simon also talks about producing comedy icon Griff Rhys Jones, meeting queen of the silver screen Nanette Newman and learning from the master of "It'll Be Alright On The Night", the legendary Dennis Norden. Oh, and his vast wardrobe of glitzy jackets might get a mention...

Episode #41

Looking back at Behind the Scenes with Colin Edmonds 2021

We're finishing 2021 on a high, reflecting on some of the fascinating guests who've graced the microphone on our Behind the Scenes podcast over the past year - and a look forward to what's coming up. A massive thank you to all the masterful talents who shared with their amazing, never before heard memories of working in TV, radio and on stage - and to you for your incredible support!

Episode #40

The hilarious, glamorous panto legend Pete Price

Pamela Anderson, Cilla Black and stars of Neighbours In this special Christmas cracker we're chatting about, and celebrating, that Great British theatrical tradition - Pantomime - in the company of a Master of the Craft and the King of the Dames, Pete Price. Comedian, actor, columnist, multi-award-winning radio and television personality and Liverpool's finest ambassador, Pete shares his often outrageous and frequently raucous Behind the Scenes recollections of 30 years of panto. Oh-yes-he-does. Dammit! There. I said it...

Episode #39

TV Producer/Director and actor Paul Giddings on working with comedy greats

Seth MacFarlane, Larry Grayson, Les Dawson & Bob Monkhouse. International Producer-Director Paul Giddings tells how his television training in the BBC's Children's Department led to a career making shows celebrating Family Guy, Star Wars, Les Dawson and Bob Monkhouse, what it was like treading in the footsteps of Larry Grayson and starting a second career as an actor on stage and screen.

Episode #38

Top TV Prompt Operator Penny Swiergon on big British shows and the biggest names.

Strictly Come Dancing & The Weakest link and Peter Kay, Jamie Oliver & Anne Robinson. From the depths of the Oxfordshire countryside, during a rare break in her relentless schedule, high profile Portaprompt operator, the magnificent Penny Swiergon, chats about her role Begind the Scenes on British Saturday night television's entertainment ratings giant Strictly Come Dancing, and shares the joy of what it's really like to be relied upon by TV legends, including Sir Bruce Forsyth and Donny Osmond. Penny also talks about Comic Relief, Children in Need, the BAFTAs and the perils of standing outdoors in a farmyard prompting Gordon Ramsay.

Episode #37

The incredible career of radio host and master interviewer John Foster

From Bob Monkhouse, John Cleese and Sir Roger Moore to appearing on Top Gear. Taking us Behind the Scenes this week is former BBC Tees and BBC Radio 5 Live broadcaster John Foster. With his trademark easy eloquence and illustrated with historic clips, John shares stories of his fascinating and remarkable lifetime behind the microphone: from a tenacious teenage presenter landing an interview with Bob Monkhouse, to scooping one of the last major radio appearances made by Sir Roger Moore. With almost every major British and Hollywood performer having guested on his daily shows and appearing worldwide on Top Gear John also tells us what it was really like at the centre of major and often tragic breaking news stories in the North East. We also find out why, with his passion for show business and natural talent for hosting the highest rating regional shows in the country, he decided to take a step back from his dream job ...

Episode #36

From operating cameras to directing them - top LE Executive Mick Thomas

Working with Cilla, Ant & Dec, Jonathan Ross, Bradley Walsh and Barbra Streisand. Taking us Behind the Scenes this week is one of British television's busiest and most experienced entertainment directors. Mick Thomas charts his incredible TV career from Ravensbourne College and LWT to directing the RVP, Comic Relief and the most successful quiz shows currently on our screens. Oh, and Mick also 'reveals' what happened to him at the opening of EuroDisney.

Episode #35

The amazing world of top TV Sound Supervisor Rob Ashard

Graham Norton, Ant & Dec, Cilla Black and Radio Caroline. In this week's Behind the Scenes, audio wizard Rob Ashard chats about master mixing the sound desk on The Graham Norton Show, The Last Leg, Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway and the hundreds of other programmes with which he has been associated over the last 30 plus years. We reminisce about LWT's Blind Date, Gladiators, Live from Her Majesty's, The Brian Conley Show and 'saving the day on Saturday Night Live'. Not his words, but director Ian Hamilton's. We also learn how Rob spends his spare time behind the mic at the Santa Pod Raceway and spinning the discs as a much-respected popular DJ on Radio Caroline.

Episode #34

TV legend Ian Hamilton returns

Talking about David Frost, Frankie Howerd and more. Oh, and the Playboy mansion! In this week's episode, top British Producer-Director Ian Hamilton returns to continue sharing memories of his incredible career in television - from the start-ups of TVam and The Chase, fond recollections of David Frost, Clive James and Frankie Howerd, to his adventures in EuroDisney, Las Vegas and at The Playboy Mansion.

Episode #33

The remarkable career of documentary film-maker John Naylor

Working with the great figures of history, plus Sir David Jason and Sir Ridley Scott. In this week's episode, multi-talented and innately modest John Naylor opens up about his incredible 20-year television career behind the scenes as a history documentary film-maker for Discovery, Yesterday and the History Channel. A cameraman, director, fight and stunt co-ordinator, armourer and weapons adviser, additionally, John's a consultant, specialising in Egyptian, Greek and Roman warfare. He's worked on Time Team, Scrapheap Challenge and Timewatch. Also a master prop maker, we hear how, with his son Sam, John once built an entire Tardis console from scratch in less than 3 days - and recently designed and opened a brand NEW television and film studio and costume facility in Sheffield.

Episode #32

The award-winning career of entertainment Producer-Director Ian Hamilton

Puppets to the Palladium, Cilla to I’m a Celebrity, Michael Parkinson to Miss World. This week British Academy Award-winning television executive Ian Hamilton chats about his early fascination with show business, which took him from watching Sunday Night At The London Palladium as a youngster to producing and directing Live From The Palladium 30 years later. We also hear what it was like working with Michael Parkinson, Cilla Black, Paul Daniels - and directing News at Ten in his spare time. Also, what it was really like in the Australian jungle during that first pioneering series of I'm A Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here?!

Episode #31

Joe Pasquale returns to talk about his writing, paintings & passion for fantasy & horror

From Universal and Hammer film horrors to Neil Gaiman and Stephen King. Making a welcome return to Behind the Scenes, Joe discusses how a shocking childhood accident gave him the determination to conquer his fears, led to a life-long love of horror films and literature, testing his expertise on BBC TV's Mastermind, and inspired his new careers as an artist and best-selling author of chilling and macabre short stories.

Episode #30

BBC TV Producer/Director Kevin Bishop's stellar career

From Larry Grayson and Danny La Rue to Sir Terry Wogan and other royalty. In this week's episode, one of British light entertainment television's most successful and prolific ratings winners, Producer/Director Kevin Bishop, chats about heading up Eurovisions, Royal Variety Performances, and his many other incredible achievements, during a 35-year career working with the great and the good (and occasionally me) at the BBC.

Episode #29

Liverpool legend Pete Price fondly remembers...

…Cilla Black, Tommy Cooper, Spike Milligan and Bob Monkhouse. This week, one of Merseyside's finest ambassadors, hilarious raconteur and comedian Pete Price, chats about his love for Liverpool and show business, the Cavern Club, The Shakespeare Cabaret Theatre and New Faces, along with his friendship with some of the biggest stars in entertainment. Not forgetting those triumphant and sometimes traumatic years hosting his iconic, award-winning, late-night internationally acclaimed radio talk show.

Episode #28

Garry Bushell's back to dish the dirt

Scandals, scoops, sackings and secrets of the media. In this week's episode, the writer of the longest running newspaper column in Fleet Street, TV writer and entertainment/music editor, the unstoppable Gary Bushell returns, this time taking us Behind the Scenes of his journalism and broadcasting careers, his relentless work schedule and tells us why, after 35 years of Bushell on the Box, it might be time to move on.

Episode #27

The variety-filled career of comedy writer, Producer and biographer Tony Nicholson

Sir Ken Dodd, Chris Tarrant and It’s a Royal Knockout. In this week's episode, Tony Nicholson takes us Behind the Scenes of his 40 year show business career, writing, researching and producing some of the most entertaining shows on TV, and penning the best-selling biographies of comedy icons Larry Grayson and Sir Ken Dodd.