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Edgar Wallace


The most famous and prolific thriller writer of the 1920s. Now all but forgotten. He penned 180 novels, 26 plays and 6 films. Created ‘Sanders of the River’ Wrote the short story series ‘The Mind of Mr J.G. Reeder’, the character portrayed in the cinema in 1939 and 1940 by music hall star Will Fyffe.  His science fiction stories ‘The Green Rust’ (1919) featured bio-terrorists, and ‘Planetoid 127’ (1929) told of an alternative universe.   

Edgar Wallace died in Los Angeles while writing the screenplay of the original 1932 movie ‘King Kong’ and is buried at Fern Lane Cemetery, Little Marlow.

He features briefly in ‘The Nostradamus Curiosity’.

(Photos: Stephen Smith)
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