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The Bank Holiday weekend at London’s MCM Comic Con at the ExCel Convention Centre in Docklands was, as ever, a great occasion and a triumph for not only everyone who came along in their finest cosplay outfits, but also for book sales. Steam, Smoke & Mirrors sold out completely and The Lazarus Curiosity was left with two copies remaining. Everyone said, “How did that happen?”

This time I was situated within the Steampunk Emporium, the very heart of the country’s, probably the world’s, greatest Steampunk creative community.

And, the inspired genius I am honoured to call a friend, Gary Nicholls, the concept artist, photographer and author of “The Imaginarium" generously invited me to share some of his space...

...which meant I could enjoy the visual splendour of some of Gary’s stunning photographic scenes as a back drop.

To learn more about “Eva’s Story”, book one in Gary’s magnificent Dickensian-Hogarthian Steampunk epic, I urge you to go to:

...and be ready to be blown away!

© Gary Nicholls Photography 

Minor in comparison, but a talking point among Steampunk enthusiasts nevertheless, was the Spectrascope, about more of which you can find on the Props Workshop page.

Steampunk fan Sacha

Oleen and Robert

Steampunk fan Chelsea

As always, the Steampunk community came dressed to impress.

Steampunk enthusiast Nasrieen

A big surprise was being hunted down by ‘The Walking Dead’ expert (no irony there) Jack Longbon, whose mum Pauline was a great friend and work colleague back in my early days on comics at IPC Magazines, what, forty-odd years ago. I knew Jack when his mum was carrying him. Naturally, he afforded the budding Steampunk author the kind of respect he deserved…

An essential part of any Steampunk gathering is the presence of my good friend, top man, Jos…

…and his beloved, Dee – genius style gurus both, and who have started to advise me on what to wear at Steampunk conventions – no, more importantly – what not to wear!

And! And! For me, no Comic Con would be complete without catching up with two of the most knowledgeable Dr. Who experts I know, my friends, Will Reverend-Magister Reid and Daniel Brown, here with the Tardis, constructed by the brilliant Professor Tinker. The Clockwork Droid photobombing the shot was beautifully made by Elsie Tinker.

Will and Danny

And on the subject of photobombers, the SS&M director of photography, Stephen Smith, clearly felt I was beginning to indulge myself far too much with shaky or out of focus selfies. But clearly drink had been taken.

But after three busy, full-on days of Comic Con; chatting, selling and spending time with the nicest people you could ever wish to meet, you still tend to finish up looking like this.

But roll on the next one!

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