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"Great book and fun to read I thought this was an excellent book.

The pace is great and the characters are interesting. I had no previous knowledge of Steam Punk but enjoyed learning about it and find the genre fascinating. If you like Sherlock Holmes then you will Love this book. I am looking forward to the next instalment of their adventures."

Sally, Hertfordshire


"Fast paced mystery with enough humour and frivolity to make a thoroughly enjoyable read. White it took me several chapters to get into this novel it undoubtedly captured my imagination thereafter. Very well crafted with strong character descriptions, a spunky female lead alongside a quirky male character made for a fast paced plot that wove through the corridors of power with enough intrigue and mystery as any magician could muster. Humour was also prevalent throughout the novel making it amusing, whilst the historical tidbits, offered predominantly via the narrator, added to the depth of setting for the novel. I certainly hope that Mr Edmonds is already working on a sequel!"

Kerry – Trinidad, West Indies


"Be prepared to be amazed, not by the magic but by the little twists and turns. At times I found it hard to put down because the story had me gripped. As the previous commentor said, slow to start but once it does, it's fabulous. Can't wait for the next one!"



"Smashing steam punk. A wonderful book, rich with colour and invention. Can't quite see why others have said it is slow to start as the author has quite a complex scenario to set up. Gripped me throughout."

The Watcher, London


"Only half way through but can’t wait for the next one!!!!!"

Michael, Surrey


"I enjoyed this mystery novel and its humour."

Lorraine, Buckinghamshire



"This was my first essay into a new (to me) genre, and I found it very funny, well written and the mystery element well-handled. If this author writes a sequel I shall certainly give it a try, and will look rather closely at "steampunk" when making new choices."

P.G. – North Northumberland


"If you're looking for a fantastic book to read, I can highly recommend Steam, Smoke and Mirrors by Colin Edmonds."

Penny, Oxford

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