Sax Rohmer


Sax Rohmer died in London, St. Pancras way apparently, and is buried in St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Cemetery, Kensal Green, Harrow Road, W. London.

He features briefly in ‘The Nostradamus Curiosity’.

There’s no dedicated website to Sax Rohmer and only one biography: ‘Master of Villainy’ by his assistant Cay Van Ash and his widow Elizabeth Sax Rohmer.

Sax Rohmer – real name Arthur Ward – began by submitting performance ditties to music hall stars Little Tich and George Robey. His first story ‘The Mysterious Mummy’ was published in 1903.

Between 1913 and 1950 Sax penned 13 novels featuring the criminal genius ‘Fu Manchu’.  The fiend was first portrayed on film by Harry Lyons in the 1923 silent serial ‘The Mystery of Fu Manchu’.e. It's easy.

(Photos: Stephen Smith)
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